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May 2005

There are still quite a few small jobs to be done, but the refurbishment is essentially finished. There was a last minute rush to get the house furnished and decorated, but now house is habitable. To celebrate, a few friends came over for Lynís 50th birthday. As this may be the last major update for some time. I have decided to split the pictures into two categories, indoor and outdoor The indoor shots will show the house more or less finished. The outdoor shots are mostly around the house, but there are a couple of local villages.

I have also added a bonus page showing our first visitors

We have spent sixteen months working on the house. Iím not sure we realised what a job we were taking on, but the results have been worth waiting for. Many people have contributed to the success of the project, but special thanks must go to Michael who has done the vast majority of the work. Without his commitment and hard work, we would not have achieved such an excellent outcome.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, and we look forward to seeing many of you at Meydieu.

Click on this picture for indoor shots

Click on this picture for outdoor shots

Click on this picture for shots of our first visitors

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