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March 2005

Well what a change in the weather. We had 30 deg C some days. Fortunately it didnít become too hot to work. Harry came back for another week to do some more carpentry. Our nephew James is over for a while helping out. He seems to be enjoying SW France. No doubt his French will soon be better than Michaelís.

It looks like we have a good chance of the house being ready for our first visitors at the beginning of May. There is still a lot to do but most of it is cosmetic. Another few weeks and we will have a fully functioning house.

Two of the new doors upstairs

The doors have been made to fit under the beams.

Now that the weather has improved, work has started outside again. This will be the terrace outside the kitchen.

The stairs have been tidied up and now look much better.

Harry pondering a particularly difficult Problem

James and Harry enjoy a well earned beer or ten

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