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June 2004

Lots going on this month. The RSJs have been boxed in, the stonework in the atrium has been completed and the enlarged window opening has been completed. Work has also begun on the outside . The veranda has been demolished and is being rebuilt. The new septic tank is being installed. The new drive has been started and a trench for a new main power cable is being dug.

RSJ ready for plasterboard.

The enlarged window. You can see where the old lintel was cut.

New Velux.

The Old Veranda comes down.

Work starts on the drive.

Mick and Jeremy by the new septic tank. Iím sure it can handle anything we can throw at it

Stonework in the atrium.

The Velux windows have been boxed in.

Work starts on the outside stonework.

The new veranda goes up

Trench for the power cable

We can soon say good-bye to the cesspit. It will be emptied and then filled with rubble and covered with earth.

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