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January 2005

It has now been a year since we began work on Meydieu. Although we have had no big surprises or disasters, it has been a great deal of work. Fortunately the end is now in sight. A great deal has happened this month, and we have made really good progress. There is still much to do, but all the major work is now finished.

There are quite a few pictures this month because of all the work. I hope it hasnít taken too long to load.

The start of the year was marked by a flurry of activity. The local artisans, refreshed by the lengthy Christmas festivities began work at a frenetic pace.

The screed arrived in a lorry with a huge conveyer belt on the back. This enabled the screed to be put straight onto the floor. The whole floor (120m2) was laid in one day. Once the screed dried, the was barley time to lay a few tiles before the fireplace and staircase turned up. We are beginning to get some idea of what the house will look like when it is finished.

Most of the electrics and plumbing are finished. Once the boiler is connected we should soon have hot water. We are particularly pleased with the upstairs bathrooms. Michael has tiled them both and they are looking great. I canít wait to give them a road test.


I have taken some liberties with these pictures, but it does give some idea of what the screed lorry was like.

The new stairs

Both upstairs bathrooms are well on the way to being finished.

Michael working in the green bathroom

The new fire place. We still have to build the chimney.

Another view of the yellow bathroom

Another view of the green bathroom

These are the manifolds for the hot and cold water supplies for upstairs and the kitchen. The rest of the downstairs is fed by separate manifolds.

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