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February 2005

The weather turned quite cold this month. Some nights it got down to -15 deg. C. Fortunately there was more than enough work to do inside. The cold weather was a great incentive to get the wood burner working. We still need to finish the cosmetics of the chimney, but we now have some heating in the house.

Michaelís brother Harry came over for a few days this month. They fitted the kitchen and laid a new wooden floor upstairs. Those of you who have been following the site closely will remember that we laid a new chipboard floor last May. The wooden floor has been laid on top of the chipboard. The floors downstairs are almost finished. I love the diagonal pattern.

It looks like the house will be habitable by Easter. It will still need some finishing, but the main project is coming to an end. The next major jobs are the swimming pool and patios, so watch this space.

A couple of views of the new floor.

The stairs look better now that the floor has been laid.

This is where the cooker will go, with the hood above and sink to the right.

Another view of the kitchen.

The downstairs floor is nearly finished.

The fire is working.

Breakfast bar, looking from the kitchen towards the dining area.

Breakfast bar

Floor in the yellow bathroom

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